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Metal, Fire, and Pizza

"You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”– Dale Carnegie

Andy was passionate about his home and his family, you could tell. The smile on his face and enthusiasm in his voice were dead giveaways. He proudly showed off his brand new pizza oven and freshly-built deck. The huge stone oven was covered by an exposed beam awning accompanied by a sprawling deck which the awning didn't quite cover all the way. Right next to the deck was a wonderful little shade tree making sure we stayed comfortable in the late summer heat. You could tell Andy was a family man; he talked about baking all kinds of exotic pizzas with his wife and kids.

But up until now there had been one thing missing from Andy's retreat – a place to eat the pizza they made. Imagine the thrill of having just made your first pizza in an outdoor, stone, wood-fired pizza oven, only to have to go back inside to eat it. So Andy, being the "do-it-right-or-go home" kind of guy, asked Hutch Design to build a custom table just for the open area on his deck. Naturally, we couldn't resist.

The table itself is made almost completely from 1-1/2" square solid steel (which means its very heavy). On top is a single piece of hexagonal granite that required 6 of us to placed it on the upper frame of the table.

Near the feet of the table are twisted footrests made from 1" square solid steel. The feet themselves are 1/4" thick plate steel cut with CNC plasma into the shape of leaves. Andy asked that the steel be left raw so that nature could do its thing in giving the table a rusted finish.

After the table had been heaved into position, Andy insisted that he treated us to some wood-fired pizza that we each made ourselves.

We may have done the prep work, but it was Andy and his oven that worked the magic.

It was without a doubt some of the best pizza we had ever eaten – with a crust that was baked to crispy perfection, homemade sauce, and a true wood-fired taste. And where else to eat it but around Andy's new table?

There's something special about the work that Hutch Design does – especially about highly custom projects like Andy's table. Such projects often draw people into becoming a part of the process. There's a difference between simply having a customer relationship and having that customer become your friend. Many times, by the end of our projects, the customer is no longer just a customer, but a part of the Hutch Design family. For us, that's what its all about. Our goal is to add value to people's lives, not just build them something out of metal.

Hutch Design was given the privilege of building a space for relationships to flourish and grow.

For Andy and his family, a custom built table provided that space. We want to thank Andy Gordon for letting us build such a classic table and for feeding us such delicious lunch!

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