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A fabricator is responsible for building and crafting various pieces including but not limited to handrails, fences, gates, and other specialty items.  He/she works with a variety of tools such as welders, torches, forges, and mechanized machines.  The fabricator is comfortable working with materials like steel, aluminum, stainless, and even some wood.  He/she works in the shop Monday-Thursday from 7am-5:30pm.  A willingness to learn is essential in keeping with Hutch Design’s priority on quality and innovation.  He/she is also meticulous and good with a level and tape measure.


The installer’s job is to deliver and install the pieces that have been made by the fabricators in the shop.  He/she uses tools such as core and hand drills, hand tools and implements, and various levels and measuring tools.  An installer must be comfortable driving a truck and trailer in excess of 20 feet.  He/she works primarily outside the shop from Tuesdays to Thursdays from 7am-7pm.  A willingness to learn and think critically is essential to an installer’s success.  The installer is also meticulous and has a genuine desire to represent the company well in front of customers and contractors.

CAD/SketchUp Drawer

Drawers for AutoCAD and SketchUp are responsible for measuring projects and preparing technical documents and blueprints for the fabricators and installers.  A working knowledge of AutoCAD and Trimble SketchUp is required.  The drawer is well-versed in Hutch Design’s specific construction techniques so that he/she can accurately convey such information to the fabricators and installers.  He/she also has good team and interpersonal skills.  As primarily an office position, drawers work Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.  The drawer is detail oriented and has a passion for explaining complex ideas in a clear and concise way.


As a part of the Hutch Design team, the estimator/salesperson is responsible for following up with potential clients, gaining the sale, and accurately quoting the project.  He/she has a working knowledge of Hutch Design’s product and production techniques.  The estimator/salesperson is a meticulous note-taker and keeps track of all critical information related to the project.  He/she is responsible for contacting vendors and contractors for any outsourced work.  The estimator works with the E2 Shop System software to manage quoting and estimating in a professional and organized manner. As an office position, the estimator/salesperson work Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.

Media/Marketing Manager

The media and marketing manager is responsible for creating compelling media and marketing materials for use in print, web, and other mediums.  He/she is well-rounded in audio, video, photography, and print mediums.  The manager position works with the Wix website editor and is well-versed in setting up and managing accounts, social networks, and blogs.  He/she plans marketing campaigns and presents ideas for consideration.  As an office position, the manager works Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.  He/she is well organized and takes initiative, often working independently to maintain the company image.


As a blacksmith, this team member is responsible for crafting highly custom pieces of artwork from a variety of materials in a variety of ways.  He/she works with the forge, power hammer, hand tools, and some mechanized machinery.  He/she is creative and passionate about creating lasting works that have impact and add value to the customer and to the company.  As a shop position, the blacksmith works from Monday to Thursday 7am to 5:30pm.   The blacksmith is skillful, but also willing to learn and adapt as the project requires.  While this position is similar to a fabricator, he/she is primarily a craftsmen and artist.

Gate Operator Specialist

This specialist is responsible for quoting, designing, and installing gate operator systems for Hutch Design’s custom driveway gates.  He/she works with vendors and suppliers directly as well as interacts with clients.  Certifications in gate operator designing and installing is attained by going to training and taking a test provided by NOMMA and the AFA.  The specialist also organizes and executes the plan for install of the gate system and all of its components which include but are not limited to keypads, electric locks, control panels, photobeams, etc.  He/she has a very good knowledge of electronics and installation of electrical systems and their support components.  This position works flexible hours.     

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